When I ssh into my server a screen session is automatically started. This is my screen rc:

termcapinfo xterm* ti@:te@
bind ' ' windowlist -b
caption always "%{= kc}%H (system load: %l)%-21=%{= .m}%D %d.%m.%Y %0c"
msgwait 2
msgwait 1
echo "super pretentious message of the day"

Based on .screenrc examples I have found version should, I believe, display version information at the bottom left of the screen for a few seconds after I log into SSH. This does not happen.

If I use the hotkey combination ^a-: so I can enter .screenrc commands from inside a screen and then enter the command it works as expected.

The same thing applies to echo

What am I missing? How would I display the screen version from my .screenrc file?


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