I am trying to set up my Yubikey on Windows such that I am able to SSH with it to my server.

I successfully generated keys on it and extracted the public key in SSH format (I did this on a linux VM). Now, I am trying to use the Yubikey to SSH from Windows to a Linux server.

Putty works out-of-the-box, as described here. However, I am having trouble configuring Cygwin. I was sure to not install the Gnupg packages. I did install the ssh-pageant packages, which should make it work with the Putty agent. Then, I added the following line to my bashrc:

eval $(/usr/bin/ssh-pageant -r -a "/tmp/.ssh-pageant-$USERNAME")

Since I am using a different user to log in with, I also tried to run the following command.

eval $(/usr/bin/ssh-pageant -r -a "/tmp/.ssh-pageant-yubikeytest")

However, I get the following error when I try to connect

$ ssh yubikeytest@
Pseudo-terminal will not be allocated because stdin is not a terminal.
yubikeytest@ Permission denied (publickey).

I am able to see the card details using gpg --card-status. However, gpg --card-edit does not return any output and I have to manually end the process.

I am also able to see the card in Kleopatra.

Furthermore, I am unable to see the key when running ssh-add.

$ ssh-add -L
Error connecting to agent: No such file or directory

I also tried adding the following code to my bashrc file, but it has the same results.

export GPG_TTY=$(tty)
gpg-connect-agent updatestartuptty /bye
export SSH_AUTH_SOCK=$(gpgconf --list-dirs agent-ssh-socket)


MINGW64 also works (using the previously mentioned eval command)

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