Hi I have an issue with my GitLab setup.

What I'm trying to achieve:

  • running GitLab inside a Docker container
  • access GitLab through a subdomain (gitlab.mydomain.com) at ports 80 and 443 for https
  • manage SSL through a wildcard certificate for *.mydomain.com provided by LetsEncrypt and Plesk (already in use for subdomains managed by Plesk)
  • beeing able to run build tasks in GitLab container (npm scripts etc.) and finally move specific output files to directories of subdomains managed by Plesk (outside of container)

What I did so far:

  • got a v-server running Ubuntu 18.04.2 with preinstalled Plesk Onyx 17.8.11
  • setup mydomain.com through Plesk
  • setup LetsEncrypt wildcard certificate for mydomain.com through Plesk
  • installed Docker via ssh (not Plesk)
  • ran GitLab inside a container at mydomain.com:30080

I'm completely new to server envs and Docker so I'm not sure about the needed structure of things. Maybe you guys know what to do?


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