I have been trying to install alsa (using a simple sudo apt-get install alsa alsa-tools) in a Linux Virtual Machine on Azure (Ubuntu 18 LTS) but I'm having this error:

Loading new oem-audio-hda-daily-0.201808050301~ubuntu18.04.1 DKMS files...
First Installation: checking all kernels...
Building only for 4.15.0-1037-azure
Building for architecture x86_64
Building initial module for 4.15.0-1037-azure
ERROR: Cannot create report: [Errno 17] File exists: '/var/crash/oem-audio-hda-daily-dkms.0.crash'
Error!  Build of snd-hda-codec-idt.ko failed for: 4.15.0-1037-azure (x86_64)

After going around I'm not sure it is definitely a blocker because how the VM on Azure is created (Building initial module for 4.15.0-1037-azure) or it is because I should use a different source or repo, or even a different approach


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