FreeBSD noob here. When I run freebsd-update fetch on a fresh install of FreeBSD 12.0, it ends with, well, End, without taking me back to a prompt. How do I exit this screen?

enter image description here


It looks like you're in a pager, such as less or more. Try pressing the q key (a mnemonic for Quit).

  • Thanks! I kept typing :q like I would in Linux; never occurred to me to try a solitary q. – LearningFast Feb 23 at 0:24

the freebsd-update script uses PAGER from env, irritates me, so I do the following

in ~/.cshrc

setenv PAGER less 

change to

setenv PAGER 

and in ~/.profile

export PAGER

change to

export PAGER

if PAGER doesn't exist, the freebsd-update script sets it itself, so you need to leave the export with no value. it will obviously affect all scripts using PAGER too, but regardless, I'd rather use less intentionally.

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