I have configured private Service Access for CloudSql from my VPC. My VPC has 2 subnets in regions us-west1 and us-central1.

The issue is:

My app is NOT able to connect to the CloudSQL instance from us-west1 (subnet) but is able to connect from other region us-central1 fine.

I believe the private Service access is at VPC level so all subnets in that VPC should be able to connect the CloudSQL instance fine.

Help appreciated!


As stipulated on GCP public documentation at this link in the network requirements paragraph:

To access a Cloud SQL instance on its private IP addresses, you must use a GCP resource in the same region.

Please make sure that the app is in the same region as the cloudSQL instance.


In addition to Django's answer above:

The GCP resources you will use to connect to your Cloud SQL instance must also be the same region as your Cloud SQL instance, and use a subnet of the VPC network in that region as well. These resources could be Compute Engine instances (VMs) or Google Kubernetes Engine instances.

Ref: https://cloud.google.com/sql/docs/postgres/configure-private-ip

This applies to both MySQL and PostgreSQL.

This is a known limitation with Google Cloud Networking as of the time of this writing. I am just hopeful in the near future that it will be supported.


Thought I'd give a more up-to-date answer as it should work now according to the updated documentation:

You can connect through private IP from any region. You can also connect through Shared VPCs between projects.

I was able to connect a Cloud Run service using the serverless VPC connector (beta as of now) from a different region than my DB using the private IP.

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