We want to migrate some applications to google kubernetes. One of these applications is strictly bound to a folder, from which it reads files, which are exported from a third-party application. My dewy-eyed idea from an easy windows-mount or similar was destroyed at a great pace. My second idea with a google bucket, rclone and fuse is "okay" but not optimal for lots of small files.

We have a VPN in kubernetes, with which we are able to connect to our widows-servers.

So my question is:

  1. what is the best option to read files from a windows host out of a pod?
  2. what is the best option to copy files from our legacy windows hosts to a storage, which can be mounted to a pod?

I'm not sure that this is possible using default GCE/GKE resources/options, I think that you want to check FS on GCE but using the filer option since per what you are explaining a PD isn't going to be helpful. About best option for cp, I found this best practices for Google Cloud Storage.


You might be able to SMB mount a windows machine, but we don't have a built0-in volume driver for SMB.

You would do better to upload to GCS and sync to your pods (or FUSE, I guess) or to upload your data to git and sync down to pods with a git-sync sidecar. This has the nice property that you can pin versions, roll back, etc.

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