i have a custom daemon that gives logs to rsyslog facility "local1" with two security levels - "info" and "debug". I need to write "info" logs to /var/log/info and "debug" logs to /var/log/debug.

I edited rsyslog.conf

local1.*;local1.debug       /var/log/info.log

local1.debug                /var/log/debug.log

When daemon gives "info" logs it works well, it writes to info.log and debug.log is empty. But when i get "debug" logs it writes to both files.

Help me to exclude debug logs from info.log.

;local1.=debug not working. I also tried to write

local1.!debug /var/log/info.log 

But still not working (in this config info logs is empty)

rsyslog 8.24.0-12

Centos 7.4


local1.info                     /var/log/info.log
local1.debug;local1.info        /var/log/debug.log

Not working too, info goes to info.log, it's ok. But in debug.log there is info+debug, and i can't exclude info from it. ;local1.info not working

  • Have you tried local1.info /var/log/info.log instad of local1.debug /var/log/info.log? Looks like a typo. The star * will include everything. – bjoster Feb 26 at 10:56

The key is in the man page:

The behavior of the original BSD syslogd is that all messages of the specified priority and higher are logged according to the given action. Rsyslogd behaves the same, but has some extensions.

So if you want to exclude debug, just state the next highest priority, which is info:

local1.info       /var/log/info.log

This will mean that all messages of priority info and higher will go to /var/log/info.log.

For the debug log, the solution is also in the man page:

You may precede every priority with an equals sign ('=') to specify only this single priority and not any of the above.

So that line should read

local1.=debug       /var/log/debug.log

to get only debug messages.

  • But if i do this situation will be opposite. i will got info at info logs and debug+info at debug.log – user511890 Feb 26 at 12:05
  • Updated main post – user511890 Feb 26 at 12:18
  • @user511890 Updated answer – Jenny D Feb 26 at 13:23

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