I am trying to get a fresh install of Windows Server 2016 working on UCS B-Series blade with UEFI and boot from SAN and seem to be hitting a brick wall.

The OS installs and I can see the Windows Boot Manager entry and the EFI files are present. However every boot loads the logo and then stops with:

The operating system couldn't be loaded because the kernel is missing or contains errors.
File: \Windows\system32\ntoskrnl.exe
Status: 0xc0000185

I have tried different media with no luck. I can see the file is present if I load a LiveCD. I was originally thinking I was missing some UEFI Boot Parameters but it is loading the boot manager so my thinking is it cannot load the OS disk afterwards. The drivers are present for the 1340 VIC as otherwise I couldn't see the LUN to install. Anyone got any tips or guidance for UCS boot from SAN with EFI and Windows?

This is connecting to a PURE storage array over FC and we already use boot form SAN for our ESXi hosts running on the same blade chassis

EDIT - Turns out PURE have an issue with UEFI and Windows.

  • Hi, please let us know your SAN type, as like iSCSI SAN need an compatible HBA controller to have a bootable partition on it – yagmoth555 Feb 27 at 14:38

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