Stuck with really weird problem and can't figure out how to handle it. So, I have asp web api application hosted in IIS 10. I use IIS Rewrite module with outbound rule which removes any Server header:

  <outboundRules rewriteBeforeCache="true">
    <rule name="Remove Server header">
      <match serverVariable="RESPONSE_SERVER" pattern=".*" />
      <action type="Rewrite" value="" />

It works like a charm always, except case when I send request using DEBUG verb. In this case it returns Server header and response body stating that debug is not implemented. I tried to fix that by using the next setting:

  <requestFiltering removeServerHeader="true" >
    <verbs allowUnlisted="true">
      <add verb="DEBUG" allowed="false"/>

Btw, requestFiltering removeServerHeader="true" also removes Server header (in case when IIS Rewrite is disabled). Again, in all cases, except DEBUG request. Disallowing DEBUG technically gives me nothing as well, I no longer getting body of request, but still getting Server header with my server info. I also tried custom modules and also with no luck.

What else I can do to hide Server variable for DEBUG requests?

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