The error I get is that of this question and not of this other question. The OP in first question, however, says he solved his problem by paying for the service. I also thought payment was the problem with me, but upgrading the account, enabling billing and adding money to the account (I added $50 today and my instance is a g1-small) did not allow me start the instance. I can't create a snapshot of it either. I can't create another instance in the project either. I can however create another project and run an instance in another project. (No problem there.)

C:\gcloud>gcloud compute instances start screenshot-1
ERROR: (gcloud.compute.instances.start) HTTPError 400: The resource 'projects/screenshot-203117/zones/us-east1-b/disks/screenshot-1' is not ready

The trial expired today and I noticed they had shutdown the instance. It's been a few hours already after paying for the service and no change in the scenario. How can I start this instance and have everything back to normal?

IMPORTANT ADDENDUM: I just noticed the VM instance I can't start has a disk being restored from a snapshot. Why did that happen? See the message in this image link below.

a disk is being restored from a snapshot

C:\gcloud>gcloud compute disks list
NAME          ZONE        SIZE_GB  TYPE         STATUS
screenshot-1  us-east1-b  10       pd-standard  RESTORING
  • It seems like you been affected with some transient issue after upgrading your GCP account to a paid account. Please open a private issue with Google cloud platform issue-tracker. While opening the report, please mention a detailed issue description along with your project number. – Digil Mar 2 at 4:51

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