Like in title I'm trying to setup quota for Active Directory domain users. Domain Controller is running under Debian 9.8.0 with Samba 4.5.16. I know that quota must be set for UID or GID, so I need to map SID of AD users into UID or GID. I followed instructions on this site: https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Idmap_config_ad so everything should working, but when I create file on samba share with path on quoted filesystem from windows domain member as any domain user within default group Domain Users and another one, lets say group1 and run repquota -s -g /path/to/samba/share, in result it shows only two groups:


And users is probably mapped Domain Users, but I need setup quota for group1 (I don't want to limit space for Domain Admin). How can I achieve that?

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