I am trying to create a monit config file to monitor if mongodb is running.

Here's my config file.

check process mongod with pidfile /var/run/mongodb/mongod.pid
   group mongodb
   start program = "/sbin/start mongod"
   stop  program = "/sbin/stop mongod"
   if failed host port 27017 protocol http
     and request "/" with timeout 10 seconds then restart

I always get the following error and it restarts mongodb.

  port response time           FAILED to [localhost]:27017 type TCP/IP protocol HTTP

I checked and verified mongodb running. I event tried connecting to mongodb using curl. Here's the command I executed to verify http connection to the mongo is working.

curl -v localhost:27017

Here's the output I am getting.

* Rebuilt URL to: localhost:27017/
*   Trying
* Connected to localhost ( port 27017 (#0)
> GET / HTTP/1.1
> Host: localhost:27017
> User-Agent: curl/7.58.0
> Accept: */*
* HTTP 1.0, assume close after body
< HTTP/1.0 200 OK
< Connection: close
< Content-Type: text/plain
< Content-Length: 85
It looks like you are trying to access MongoDB over HTTP on the native driver port.
* Closing connection 0

Not sure what I am doing wrong.

The same config file is working on ubuntu 14.4, but it does not working ubuntu 18.4.


By some reason I had false negative response for MongoDB on CentOS 6.10

That fixed with new protocol check, that implemented in Monit

  if failed host port 27017 protocol mongodb
     then restart

Notice new protocol name mongodb

That simply works fine

  • Great, I will try it. I had changed monit config to execute mongo connect command to test mongo working. – bitkot May 6 at 13:48

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