I've got a machine behind a firewall (fortigate) that is only supposed to access a certain url, so, we whitelisted that url on the firewall and also the google dns servers: Every other traffic is forbidden. The problem is that said page has some css styles that call the google api for fonts: fonts.gstatic.com and fonts.googleapis.com (as far as I can tell)

For the life of me, I always get timed out on the fonts when accessing the web page, even though I added the FQDN as permitted traffic.

Am I missing any other url or anything you could come up with? I'm out of ideas.


Yes, I believe you're missing two another:

  • www.googleapis.com (auth for the API);
  • themes.googleusercontent.com (URL of each font).

Also, if the app uses the Webfont Loader, is also good to give access to the host:

  • ajax.googleapis.com.

Got it here:

Best luck!

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