I recently hit issue with the creation of LXC container:

tsenov@hometower:~$ createContainer.sh tester 1 256MB lxd_sp0 2
Creating tester
Error: Failed container creation: Create container from image: Failed to clone the filesystem: cannot open 'lxd_sp0/images/9a93b6bd640cee54bd052ea9b631de0a8dc49a8c0c73197879aee66e780aaca7@readonly': dataset does not exist

Failed to launch CentOS 7

I have other containers with CentOS 7, created before the issue which run without any issues:

tsenov@hometower:~$ lxc ls
|    NAME    |  STATE  |         IPV4          | IPV6 |    TYPE    | SNAPSHOTS |
| laravel    | RUNNING | (eth0)  |      | PERSISTENT |           |
| owncloud   | RUNNING | (eth0) |      | PERSISTENT |           |
| prometheus | RUNNING | (eth0) |      | PERSISTENT |           |

Here is the createContainer.sh script:

tsenov@hometower:~$ cat bin/createContainer.sh 

function usage {
  echo "usage: $SCRIPT_NAME <name> <cpu cores> <memory> <storage_pool> <disk size> "
  echo "  <name> <STR>                   name for the container"
  echo "  <cpu cores> <INT>              count of CPU cores"
  echo "  <memory> <INT>[kMGPE]B         amount of RAM with suffix. The supported suffixes are kB, MB, GB, TB, PB and EB"
  echo "  <storage_pool>         one of the below ZFS storage pools"
  echo "  <disk size> <INT>              GBs of Disk Space"
  echo "================================================================"
  sudo zpool list
  exit 1

function createContainer {


  # Create the container
  lxc launch images:centos/7 "$NAME" -s "$STORAGE_POOL" ||  { echo 'Failed to launch CentOS 7'; exit 1; }

  # Set the Disk Size of the container
  #lxc config device add $NAME root disk pool=$STORAGE_POOL path=/ size="$DISK_SIZE"GB
  lxc config device set "$NAME" root size "$DISK_SIZE"GB ||  { echo 'Failed to set root size'; exit 1; }

  # Set the CPU cores count for the container
  lxc config set "$NAME" limits.cpu "$CPU_COUNT" ||  { echo 'Failed to set CPU limit'; exit 1; }

  # Set the RAM for the container
  lxc config set "$NAME" limits.memory "$RAM" ||  { echo 'Failed to set RAM limit'; exit 1; }

  exit 0

if [ $# -ne 5 ]

# Main program
createContainer "$NAME" "$CPU_COUNT" "$RAM" "$STORAGE_POOL" "$DISK_SIZE"

There is no issue with other than the images:centos/7 image - tried with arch linux.

I tried: - deleting the centos/7 image and re-downloading it - lxd init to reinitialise the service

Seems like an issue with the zfs, which is quite odd considering that I re-download the image...

Any thoughts?

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