I configured ise-dhcp-server, which works fine, but my dhcpd.conf is starting to become very big. I'm trying to find information (without results), on whether it's possible to use something like import /path/to/file. I want to use it to set static host in this separate file.

Everywhere people write only to use it to path to pxe/grub image.


Use the include "/path/to/file"; directive.

  • Hi, thanks for reply. Unfortunately this doesn't work .I was tried it before I wrote this post. After add include "static-hosts/10.1.1"; in the subnet, the ise-dhcp-service won' t reload/restart/start. – DevAxeQuestion Mar 5 at 11:52
  • What error message do you get? (BTW you should have mentioned that you tried the include directive). – Lacek Mar 5 at 12:09
  • I just find the error, When I was create file with hosts, I don't delete all in dhcpd.conf, so I had a duplicates. – DevAxeQuestion Mar 5 at 12:40

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