I have a node app running on my Linux hosting server.

Sometimes the app crashes and I need to restart it, so I log in and type these commands:

pkill node
cd public_html/n49900_dpndev
node server.js &

And the app runs again.

Now I would like to put this into a script so I simply need to start the script (or can execute it from a PHP script, for instance).

I created a file called "startnode":

pkill node
cd public_html/n49900_dpndev
node server.js &

I changed the permissions with chmod 755 startnode.

But when I execute it with ./startnode it responds with:


What do I need to do so that the commands I type in manually also work in the bash script?

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    Why don't you just make a systemd unit? – Michael Hampton Mar 6 '19 at 1:26
  • add a -x to your first line: #!/bin/bash -x That will show your verbose/debug node and you can see where the terminated appears. Does node or server.js require an interactive shell? – Scottie H Mar 6 '19 at 2:40

Your script name has "node" in the name and pkill node is probably killing it.

Using pkill -x node to kill only processes whose name is exactly "node" might be more to your liking. Or even pkill -f -x "node server.js" to kill the process with the exact full command line.


pkill is killing every process launched with a program with a name containing the word node even you script

Rename you script to whatever name not containing the word node

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