I noticed something weird in our server telemetry today where it showed that one of our servers is having a very steady incoming amount of traffic where it normally is very irregular.

When examining the apache server status it shows the following logs: (url replaced by example.com)

Srv PID Acc M   CPU SS  Req Conn    Child   Slot    Client  VHost   Request
1-0 3438    0/1/6295    _   0.01    7   29  0.0 0.00    211.21  [CLIENT IP] example.com:443 NULL
2-0 3439    0/4/6901    _   0.03    0   1   0.0 0.06    248.54  [CLIENT IP] example.com:443 NULL

There is a lot of requests coming in where the request parameter is NULL where on other requests the request is some form of the following: GET / HTTP/1.0

Could these connection attempts be malicious? I can't figure out what kind of purpose these would serve to an attacker. It doesn't even come close to the server it's capacity just a steady 5 mbps incoming traffic stream.

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