I have an Google App Engine app which is basically a couple NodeJS scripts that run a website.

Some of this scripts are being terminated for apparently no reason, but looking at the logs this is happening:

Msg1: Container terminated by the container manager on signal 9.

Msg2: Container called exit(1).

Log image

Its quite erratic, seems to only happen during the day, sometimes every 30 secs or so.

Tried googling it but cant find anything like "varlog/system" to find out more on the error, neither that or the error message.

Also already add

  cpu: 2
  memory_gb: 2

to the app.yaml to discard any OOM issues.

Anybody saw this or have any idea what could it be?

  • Did u find the answer to this? – Abhishek Nandi Sep 9 '19 at 18:41
  • Hi Abishnek, it was a problem of my app. Because how it was made, it creted a new instance every time someone opened a connection. Managed this by specifying : manual_scaling: instances: 1 in the app.yalm. Hope it helps! – user3583107 Sep 10 '19 at 12:50

The symptom was my deployment of a simple Standard AppEngine app not completing the creation of a new version. Like you I found the "Container called exit(1)." error after going into logging for AppEngine and checking "on" all of the log options. This is related to this issue: Appengine stuck on "Updating service [default]..."

In my case I found that running "gcloud init" to reset my credentials helped. Hope this helps someone else.

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