We have a RedHat file server, providing a public share with this smb.conf:

       workgroup = SAMBA
       netbios name = centos
       security = user
       map to guest = bad user

       comment = Temp File Storage
       path = /data/brick1/samba
       available = yes
       browsable = yes
       writable = yes
       public = yes
       force user = nobody
       force group = nobody

I cannot seem to write to the share, but Windows users can. My best guess on how to mount (so far) is :

sudo mount.cifs //fileServer1/scratch /scratch -o uid=me,guest,gid=mygroup,rw,noperm,domain=SAMBA

I was able to create a new folder, using sudo chmod +777...+t and write to that, but the Windows users seem to create folders with permissions: drwxr-xr-x+, which I cannot write to.

Any ideas how I might mount this?

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