I'm running screen inside a putty terminal. The problem I'm having is after a while of inactivity inside a screen, the screen automatically kills itself. So when I do things like run something overnight I'll come back in the morning to see that all my screens were terminated and I can't see the output (I know I can pipe it to a file but for these purposes I'd rather not). Is there any way I can stop this?


[edit] Just to clarify, the putty terminal doesn't get disconnect. The problem happens even while I'm working in another screen. I'll be working in screen X and all of a sudden screen Y will disappear after it's been idle for a while.

  • Are you sure that your screens are terminating and they are not going to the background when you get disconnected? – Charles Hooper Dec 18 '09 at 17:50
  • Are you on someone else's shell server? It could be that they kill idle jobs after X amount of time – Charles Hooper Dec 18 '09 at 17:58
  • Does screen leave a message? Or just "[screen is terminating]"? – ZoogieZork Dec 18 '09 at 18:07
  • It just leaves me "[screen is terminating]". And yea, I am on another computers shell. It could be that, I'll look into it. – Perishable Dave Dec 18 '09 at 18:13
  • yeah, this sounds like an idle process killer... – Greeblesnort Dec 19 '09 at 2:52

Sounds like an idle-process killer. By itself, if there was a network error or you were to close PuTTY, screen would just background itself, and you could recover by logging in again and doing 'screen -r'. If that's not possible, then something must be killing your screen process(es).

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