I am going in for an IO intensive application and have though of HPE ML350 for the purpose. I need to know if the NVMe SSDs are supported as boot drivers or not. Also if the drives are supported inherently supported or do I need to have any upgrade kits installed? I have already gone through the HP documentation and its pretty vague.

Thank you

  • Which generation of ML350 are you talking about? Assuming that you're talking about ML350 Gen10, you'll need the appropriate NVMe drive cage and the associated PCIe riser boards (because NVMe's point is that it plugs directly onto the PCIe bus rather than to a SAS/SATA controller). As far as I know, the drive cage kit is HPE ML350 Gen10 NVMe 8SFF Exp Bay Kit (874569-B21) and it will have the additional requirement of HPE ML350 Gen10 Redundant Fan Cage Kit (874572-B21). The cage kit includes 2 riser boards: with just one, you can fit up to 4 NVMe SSDs; with 2 you get the maximum 8. – telcoM Mar 11 at 8:32
  • Thanks a lot!, Yes I am talking about Gen 10 – Utkarsh Narain Srivastava Mar 11 at 9:46

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