I am using an HP E60055 laserjet printer and using Red Hat Linux Cups version 1.6 to print to it. Previously using a Samsung SCX-483x - with which I had no problems with the default settings.

When I print line-by-line reports the printer's default settings work well (with the correct printer driver). But when I try to print an oversized PDF to the printer it looses most of the very top line.

If I set the fit-to-page property for the printer the PDF prints perfectly, but the line-by-line report gets squashed up to the top of the page.

The above doesn't completely surprise me. But I wonder how I can print the PDF and standard reports to the same printer without changing the settings each time. I've tried removing the borders (by setting them to zero) and tried using a scaling property but to no avail. Can someone help me with settings that might allow both types of printout to work together?


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