We recently had a penetration test and they recommended that we disable all web server signatures. We have one external facing IP address and all our servers running in Azure.

I am new to azure and not really a Network person and don't know how to turn this off. Can anyone point me in the direction of how I would disable this?


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    What web server do you run? – Michael Hampton Mar 12 at 15:47
  • We don't really have a Web Server, we have a Virtual Network gateway setup in Azure and behind that we have Windows 2016 servers for our Domain server, File servers etc... – Chad M Mar 12 at 17:26
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    You don't have a web server? Then what web server signatures might possibly need to be disabled? – Michael Hampton Mar 12 at 17:54
  • Apologies for my ignorance but I am a programmer who has taken over the Azure server setup, we are a very small company. Basically the company who did the Pen Test said our external facing IP, which in Azure is our Public IP Address, said revealing web server signatures is a vulnerability. They recommend disabling all Web server signatures. Hopefully this helps a bit – Chad M Mar 12 at 19:49
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    Well, let's start with this: As vulnerabilities go, that one is very minor. If your servers are up to date it doesn't really matter whether someone finds out the web server version. If they aren't up to date, then it also doesn't really matter because you're vulnerable to a real vulnerability whether you have the web server signature on or off. Malicious bots don't care whether the version is advertised; they'll just try everything and see if anything works. – Michael Hampton Mar 13 at 0:43

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