I'm running an instance of iRedMail (with OpenLDAP), and I want to set it up so it would automatically create aliases for user email, like I register on junk-site.com, enter user-at-junk-site@example.com, and it would be redirected to user@example.com on my server (i.e. use -at- as separator). So far I found recipient_delimiter parameter for Postfix, but it can only accept pattern of one character (+ by default), and I'm afraid that some services can determine original email, if I gonna specify it like user+junk-site@example.com (I assume + is common separator since it is default in Postfix). Is my idea even possible with current software?


You can define multiple delimiters.

From the doc (emphasis mine):

The set of characters that can separate a user name from its extension

I have defined

recipient_delimiter = +- 

in my config for my private mail service, and this works.

  • yeah, you right, but that is not what i meant. In docs specified that " This implementation recognizes one delimiter character". I want separator with multiple characters, like if i gonna write python, it would be "user-at-junk-site@example.com".split("-at-"), but from docs i don't see that this could work – Flowneee Mar 12 at 17:27

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