My RabbitMQ server has crashed and refuses to start. The logs show it's returning the error "Mnesia is overloaded".

This question suggests the solution is to increase the Mnesia dc_dump_limit value from the default of 4 to something higher. However, I can find no documentation on how do this.

How do I set this value? I assume I have to define a custom configuration file, but again, I can't find documentation for the specific syntax I need.

I'm using standard RabbitMQ package for Ubuntu, and it doesn't provide a configuration file by default, and the example's few mnesia references don't match the other references I've seen for setting Mnesia values.

  • I suggest asking for help on the rabbitmq-users mailing list. Be sure to share RabbitMQ and Erlang version, as well as your log file. – Luke Bakken Mar 12 at 21:52

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