I've just built an FTP site using the FTP 7 package on Windows Server 2008. I've configured it to use IIS Manager Authentication following this article. When at the console of the Windows Server 2008 machine, I can FTP to localhost, login using an account I created in the IIS Management tool, and get to a user isolated directory. When I try to connect to the FTP site from any other computer, whether it is on the local network (trying ftp or from a public computer (trying ftp ), I cannot even get to a login prompt. Instead I get "ftp: connect :Connection timed out". What might I need to configure on the FTP server so that at least a machine on the local network with no routers in between the client and server can connect?

  • When you say you can FTP to localhost, do you mean, or are you connecting to the address locally? – mcmeel Feb 11 '11 at 23:54

Sounds like a firewall problem to me. Is windows firewall running on the machine?

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