Our developer handed me (the Sys Admin) a PowerShell script to be ran in Azure Cloud Shell. It deploys various Resource Groups and a DC hosting a private FQDN in a Test environment.

One of the input parameters is for a RADIUS server. We currently do not have a RADIUS server and I'm tasked to install one.

I'm looking into Duo and FreeRadius. Reading the Duo RADIUS docs tells me its simply adding a Proxy so it's not an actual RADIUS server. I do not have experience with FreeRADIUS.

My plan is to:

  1. Launch an Azure VM and install a RADIUS server on it
  2. Link it to same subnet as DC that will be deployed by the PowerShell script.
  3. Run the PowerShell script and point to RADIUS.

I need guidance if I'm headed in the right direction.

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