When I connect to my Windows 10 machine from my Mac via Microsoft Remote Desktop client v10 or from Windows I'm getting an error: Your session ended because of an error. If this keeps happening, contact your network administrator for assistance. Error code: 0x4


I reported this issue to MS via their Report Issue form on Mac Remote Desktop client and got the following response:

Set this key to a high value, like 10,000 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server



Once I followed these recommendations the problem stopped.


Definitely, a Microsoft issue with RDPv10. Got same issue. Thanks for recommendation shared. Also, reboot of the remote machine helps.

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    Yes, reboot helps, but in my case it was quite inconvenient as I didn't have direct access to this machine, so each reboot caused me huge loss of time. – mikryz Mar 28 at 5:36

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