I have activated an FTP server with ProFTPD on Debian Server 8.11.

I would like that the new uploaded files via FTP has 2 features:

  1. read, execution and write permissions of the user&group (by default when i upload files the permission are 644, i need 775 i think)
  2. It is finally possible to delete them by software (this is possibile with www-data + rwx permission to group, any way to give it to my ftpgroup?)

I gave the 775 permissions to my folder:

drwxrwxr-x 2 user_ftp ftpgroup 192512 Mar 21 10:55 my_folder

Thanks a lot for the collaboration,


Gian Marco

  • Now I'm studying if the solution is umask... – Kiuki Mar 21 at 14:12

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