On my remote server, I installed ElasticSearch, which can be accessed at http://localhost:9200/:

enter image description here

I defined an inbound security rule, Port9200, in the firewall for my remote server:

enter image description here

enter image description here

As you can see, Port 9200 is publicly accessible to everybody.

When I tried to access the remote ElasticSearch server from the browser in my local computer, I saw the following time-out message:

enter image description here

My router firewall does not have any rules blocking outbound traffic to any TCP port.

Any suggestions on how to make my remote ElasticSearch server accessible from my local machine?


Check on which IP address your ElasticSearch installation is listening on. If it is only listening on localhost you won't reach it from another machine even if the firewall rules are in place. You can check it with netstat -ano|find "9200" on a cmd.

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