The DHCP protocol permits a client to request a specific hostname, which then can be updated in DDNS. Is there some way to accomplish this in Windows, registering a preferred hostname for a selected interface that is different from the overall Windows computer name?

I have a Windows Server 2016 host with multiple NICs. Each NIC is connected to a different VLAN. One of them may be considered the "default" interface, and it is resolved in DNS using the computer name.

All of these interfaces are assigned addresses using Windows DHCP. I would like to assign distinctive DNS hostnames to the interfaces that are not the default interface, to enable other services to connect specifically to that interface by name.

I am aware that the Windows DHCP client ignores Option 12 Hostname.

I am aware that I can turn off DDNS registration and manually add static DNS A records pointing to the desired IP addresses. However, I would like to have these DNS records updated dynamically with the preferred hostname by DHCP, if possible.

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