First of all, I should indicate that what's discussed below is in an Active Directory Windows 2008 R2 environment.

When you click "Add a Printer" in Windows 10's "Devices and Printers" utility, it immediately does some type of scan of the local network for available printers (I assume).

Some of our network printers are listed automatically, and some are not shown and I have to add them by specifying the IP address after clicking the link: "The printer I want wasn't listed".

What steps can I take, to ensure that all printers are listed, and not just some of them? For example, what protocols are used for this printer-discovery that Window's 10 does and what steps can I take to ensure each printer is discover-able during this scan?

I suspect there is something I must enable in the web interface of each printer. I'd appreciate direct answers or any targeted resources that might educate me on what I'm trying to accomplish.

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