We are using a DHCP server out of a linux OS right now for our subnet. I am thinking of changing to a Windows DHCP Server, however, because it might be easier for future admins.

What I want to do is to add the DHCP Server role to Windows Server (which I know how to do) and set up the DHCP options. I need to be able to configure in the options what I have in the linux DHCP options (tftp-server-name; netbios-name-servers, ntp-servers).

My question however, is this: can I set up this DHCP server and test it on just one or two devices without interfering with the DHCP server (on the linux box) that manages my network? Can I add the role to Windows Server without that taking over DHCP duties on my network until I get it configured?


You can start a windows DHCP scope with a range of addresses to serve that does not overlap the range served by the Linux host.

So you could install the Windows role, setup a scope that only offers a few addresses.

On your Linux server setup exclusions, or adjust the size of your range if you need to.

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  • So as long as they are not serving the same ranges it is okay? I guess I should know that; we have two dhcp servers, one for each of our two subnets (connected over a vpn) and one serves one range, and the other servers the other range. Thanks for the confirmation! I'm happy now! – bgmCoder Mar 22 '19 at 18:14

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