I have a n application which is distributed as a docker image. I have used it locally and on kubernetes cluster without any issue. owever I am having issue trying to deploy this application on openshift (online - trial plan). I noticed it was not possible to run a docker image on openshift online if that image requires to run as root. From what I see the root user gets kind of masqueraded to a numerical user (in my case, 1003840+) and I had different permissions errors. I have then rebuilt this application to make sure it was not required to run t as root. I modified my Dockerfile to leverage the "USER" directive and create appropriate user & group... rebuild the image and test it locally.

Starting the image with docker run locally, I can now see the service is started as the unprivileged user I created. However running that same image on openshift I still see the service gets started with the numerical user.

Am I missing something?

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