I want to create one private ingress / service of type LoadBalancer, and use it with multiple PODs with path-based routing. Is this possible?

I know that Ingress with public endpoint supports path-based routing, but I'm looking for a loadbalancer with private endpoint.


Answering your question, yes it's possible. Note that you can use the Internal Load Balancing (ILB) for GKE that creates a private LoadBalancer Ingress IP in the cluster for receiving traffic within the same VPC region.

In addition, since you need to configure it using path-based routing, consider the following:
- It must be an Ingress, not a Service.
- Install an NGINX/Traefik IngressController.
- Expose it with an ILB Service.
- Add Ingresses whose annotations only specify they should create an NGINX/Traefik Ingress entry.

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