I recently changed from Google Cloud Compute to Vultr.

Both instances had similar specs

GCC 1cpu, 1.9 GB Ram, debian9, virtualmin, apache Vultr 1cpu, 2GB ram, debian 9, virtualmin, apache

I moved about 6 wordpress websites across however I have found that memory usage on the Vultr instance has increased by at least 1/3 from under 30% to almost 60% when compared with the GCC instance.

I don't recall tweaking the GCC virtualmin instance much from its default install, however, Perhaps over the year I was running it I did more tweaking than I remember? I cannot understand why the Vultr instance is using so much memory.

Is it possible this could be coming from the type of virtualisation Vultr are using compared with a Google Cloud?

Also, Vultr charge only $10mth for this instance whereas the Google Cloud one was costing me about $30mth...could it be they have a means of making this happen from their end because its a cheap vps and forcing me to upgrade? (Presntly there is no way I could possibly put enough websites on the Vultr machine to use up its 55gb storage...my reason for moving was because it was costing me too much for storage on the Google Cloud instance...ironic) Or is it just that I need to really need to go through the webserver and tweak apache and php7?

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