I have the following conditional in an Ansible task:

when: ec2_tag_Name == 'testhost01'

It works fine, however I would like to match a wildcard on the ec2_tag_Name field.

So something like this

when: ec2_tag_Name == 'testhost*'

The goal is to match anything like testhostx testhost12 testhostABC etc etc just anything matching testhost at the start of the string.

Is this possible? Can't seem to get it working.

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From Testing Strings:

To match strings against a substring or a regex, use the “match” or “search” filter

In your case:

when: ec2_tag_Name is match("testhost.*")
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    I had also found that when: 'testhost' in ec2_tag_Name can do a similar thing, it doesn't restrict it being at the start of the string - so yours is definitely the right way to do it. Thanks
    – emmdee
    Mar 29, 2019 at 17:38

This works as well.

when: "ec2_tag_Name.startswith('testhost')"

You can combine logical operators as well like and and or

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