My question is:

Am I able to have one database server as slave to more than one master servers with different databases. So for example:

  • DB-Server-1 contains database Apple
  • DB-Server-2 contains database Banana
  • I want to replicate them to my DB-Server-3 as Apple-Slave and Banana-Slave

If I'm able, can you tell me how to achieve this with MySQL 5.7?


In MySQL jargon that is called "multi-source replication" and that is a supported configuration in MySQL 5.7.

The MySQL manual comes with a complete tutorial:

MySQL Multi-Source Replication enables a replication slave to receive transactions from multiple sources simultaneously. Multi-source replication can be used to:

  • back up multiple servers to a single server,
  • to merge table shards,
  • consolidate data from multiple servers to a single server.

Multi-source replication does not implement any conflict detection or resolution when applying the transactions, and those tasks are left to the application if required. In a multi-source replication topology, a slave creates a replication channel for each master that it should receive transactions from.


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