What init system do Amazon Linux AMI instances use on Amazon Lightsail?

The AWS documentation says to use "User Data" scripts, which doesn't apply to Lightsail I don't think.

I know that it's based on RedHat, which I understood to use systemd, but there's no /etc/systemd.

There's no /etc/init, and the files in /etc/init.d/ don't end in .conf (or look like upstart files), so it's not upstart, but yet /etc/init/rc.conf makes mention of upstart.

I know there were about a hundred different systems before upstart. I think Sys V Init is the classic... I don't even remember what Sys V Init looks like. Is that what it is?

It's got all the /etc/rcx.ds, a prime suspect for sysvinit, and the /etc/init.d/ files look like sysvinit, and 'chkconfig' is installed, but yet the comments in /etc/inittab again mention upstart and say that the config is ignored... I'm so confused.

Is it some "special" version of sysvinit? Or are the comments wrong?

If it is a non-standard sysvinit, how do I get services to respawn?

  • sysvinit was the venerable original init system, upstart was total garbage that some distros tried for basically one development cycle and then abandoned except Canonical (who invented it and inflicted it on Ubuntu users for years), and systemd is the current system most distros use. – Michael Hampton Mar 30 '19 at 5:43

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