We have configured a Remote Services setup on Windows Server 2016.

On Server01 we have installed Remote Desktop Gateway Server, Remote Desktop Connection Broker.

All our servers are behind firewall and we are using NAT to translate public IPs to private IPs. Also all servers have their own public IPs.

We have created 10 Session Host Servers. Out of these we have created 2 session collections - each having 2 servers. These are:

SU1 - ServerA + Server B

SU2 - ServerC + ServerD

We want simple load balancing between 2 servers within each unit (SU1 and SU2) so that half of the users will get connected to Server A and half to Server B.

This same configuration was working fine in Windows 2012. But is not working now. Are there any changes from 2012 to 2016 - which we are missing upon?


Rahul Jain

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