I use freebsd 11 memstick installer image always but need some packages if I install freebsd 11 then I should install some packages ( phpmyadmin, php7, nginx, mysql, nano) and enabled root ssh vb process

I dont want reagain this process

Can I create customize memstick installer ?

I want include package phpmyadmin, php7, nginx, mysql, nano and change some properties system file on FreeBSD 11 memstick image

how can I do this ?

can u help me ? thank u for help

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Quick and dirty way. After booting from memstick, drop into console, optinally mount -o rw to remount with read/write permissions, use gpart resize and then growfs to extend filesystem size. Now pkg fetch all packages you need.

This will give you a memstick with required packages on board. After installing a fresh system using it, drop into console, chroot into installed system and use pkg add to install them from memstick.

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