To add an extra layer of security I'm using the rootpw option in the sudoers file and while it works perfectly fine from the shell, when a specific command invokes the GUI version of "elevation", only the user password will work in that case and not the root password. Do I need to change anything in PolicyKit config?

Kubuntu 18.10

I'd like the root password to be used everywhere, any ideas?


waddayaknow! I found the answer myself: it's indeed to do with policykit. On my Kubuntu 18.10 I had to change the following file (/etc/polkit-1/localauthority.conf.d/51-ubuntu-admin.conf) to have it say:


instead of the default:


under the [Configuration] section.

Please note that other distro of Linux seem to use a different file for this setting as do other versions of the same distro as well (probably because of the different way that they handle policykit).

You're welcome!

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