I have to accept command line agreement before building the project. Key Q need to press to go to end of the agreement page and then need to press Y or y. I have tried

printf 'qy\n' | source ../digi-2.4/mkproject.sh

printf '\ny\n' | LESS='+q' source ../digi-2.4/mkproject.sh

Nothing worked. Whats is correct way to do this in command line ?

This is the license function

do_license() {
        local MKP_LICENSE_FILES=" \
                ${MKP_SCRIPTPATH}/sources/meta-digi/meta-digi-arm/DIGI_EULA \
                ${MKP_SCRIPTPATH}/sources/meta-digi/meta-digi-arm/DIGI_OPEN_EULA \
                ${MKP_SCRIPTPATH}/sources/meta-freescale/EULA \
        [ -z "${MKP_PAGER+x}" ] && MKP_PAGER="| more"
        eval cat - "${MKP_LICENSE_FILES}" <<-_EOF_ ${MKP_PAGER}; printf "\n"
                |                                                                               |
                |                                                                               |
                |  This software depends on libraries and packages that are covered by the      |
                |  following licenses:                                                          |
                |                                                                               |
                |      * Digi's end user license agreement                                      |
                |      * Digi's third party and open source license notice                      |
                |      * NXP Semiconductors' software license agreement                         |
                |                                                                               |
                |  To have the right to use those binaries in your images you need to read and  |
                |  accept the licenses.                                                         |
                |                                                                               |
                |                                                                               |


        while [ -z "${ans}" ]; do
                read -p "Do you accept all three license agreements? [y/Y to accept]: " ans
        printf "%80s\n\n" | tr ' ' '-'

        [ "${ans,,}" = "y" ] || return 1

also tried setting ans="y"

For echo y | source ../digi-dey-2.4/mkproject.sh I just have to press Q, but till not working for Q and Y

Looking for command line solution to accept the license agreement.

I am on Ubuntu-18.04

  • You should look into executable if it allows unattended mode (there will probably be some swich like --accept-tos) – Aroly7 Apr 10 at 18:13
  • You can easily comment out the while cycle but since I dont know the license to the software you are trying to build I can't say if it is okay from legal side. and set ans="y" – Aroly7 Apr 10 at 18:23

If it is the only problem you have you can either comment out while loop and set ans=y

#while [ -z "${ans}" ]; do
#     read -p "Do you accept all three license agreements? [y/Y to accept]: " ans

or just prevent calling the function do_license()

or you can try this but without access to the whole script, it is just ques

./build.sh << EOF



Last think on my mind is

(echo "Q"
 echo "y") | program

All those ways do not consult licenses of those softs so, please verify that you can do that.

  • EOF solution does not work q – roy Apr 10 at 20:32
  • @roy The script you showed don't need q to be pressed – Aroly7 Apr 10 at 20:34
  • I think its required because of [ -z "${MKP_PAGER+x}" ] && MKP_PAGER="| more" – roy Apr 10 at 20:47
  • @roy I edited one of the last things on my mind I can think of without having access to the file. – Aroly7 Apr 10 at 20:54
  • 1
    Sorry, then it will be harder to solve by emulating the input. You should take a look if you can prevent calling the function do_license() – Aroly7 Apr 10 at 21:00

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