We have kubernetes running on a cluster in google cloud. Something happened to the cluster, and all of the nodes had the status node.kubernetes.io/unreachable:NoSchedule. We attempted to delete the cluster, but it is not working.

The instance groups all have the status

This instance group is transforming.

The instances all have the status

This instance is being deleted

The kubernetes clusters all have the status

This cluster is being deleted

but when I click on a cluster it also says either

timed out waiting for Google Compute Engine operation: operation-1554925944268-58632688f6552-473a295c-305f8d99


Googleapi: Error 400: There is a peering operation in progress on the local or peer network. Try again later., badRequest.

It took a long time for the VM instances themselves to get deleted, but eventually they did.

However, the groups and clusters are not being deleted.

If I manually try to delete an instance group it says

Google Compute Engine is not ready for use yet in the project. It may take several minutes if Google Compute Engine has just been enabled, or if this is the first time you use Google Compute Engine in the project.

which makes no sense whatsoever.

Any help debugging this situation would be greatly appreciated.

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There is a public issue about instance groups stucked when trying to delete a cluster.

You could try to update your Google Kubernetes Engine cluster & nodes version.

  • lol I made that issue Apr 17, 2019 at 14:29
  • I was trying to reproduce your issue and it worked for me. Can you try again as it may be fixed already? Apr 17, 2019 at 15:00

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