I am looking for a way, to automatically logon a User from computer startup script, without rebooting the machine. I know, I can write in HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon... Keys or use Sysinternals autologon.exe, but this all don't work without a reboot.

OS: Windows >= 7

A while ago, I have seen a small until, who could do it. But I forgot about it and can't find it again. Or maybe there is any other solution?

I think, it is only possible with a GINA plugin?


Was that utility LogonExpert?


There's a reference to it (and it was also marked as the solution) in the TechNet thread below.


  • Thanks, I think this was the tool I was looking for. – Thomas Apr 21 at 0:25
  • No problem. Hopefully it is! – Aura Apr 21 at 0:30

After investigation of LogonExpert, I have now a idea, what need to be done. On Systems upwards Windows Vista, you need to build your own "custom credential provider, which replaces the GINA plugin".

A good reference to get a lot of information's and also running projects can be found on this GitHub page.

At least, this question is also available on StackOverflow...

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