I cannot get the most basic script working on monitoring mongodb on ubuntu 16.04 monit 5.16

check process mongod with pidfile /var/run/mongod.pid
  group database
  start program = "/usr/sbin/service mongod start"
  stop program = "/usr/sbin/service mongod stop"
  if failed host port 27017 protocol http
    and request "/" with timeout 15 seconds then restart

I get the error: Error reading pid from file '/var/run/mongod.pid'

but when I run cat /var/run/mongod.pid as a regular user I do get the value 51455

I've changed permissions making it both less (0x777) and more restrictive to no avail. Anyone come across this?


Could try to change permission of mongodb pid file to "mongodb process user":"monit process user", I think issue is mongodb normally running as mongodb user and monit as root, please try this. Hope this will help.

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