I want to install and configure Web UI (Dashboard):kubernetes-dashboard on my main Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS (Xenial Xerus) server. I am getting an error and not able to proceed further as shown in the screenshot the kube-proxy node is "Evicted". Help me in running the kube-proxy node.



First you need to know why the POD was evicted. You can do that by kubectl describe pod <pod name>. From there you will get the eviction reason, which can be checked with Eviction Signals

If you are running on just one node, it's possible you run out of resources (space/cpu/ram). After that you should do kubectl describe node <node-name> that will show what type of resource cap the node is hitting under Conditions: section.

If that won't helm and POD will still get evicted you should check logs bykubectl logs <pod-name> -f and see if there are anything helpful.


Usually kube-proxy is started by kubelet from a static manifest on the node, e.g. in /etc/kubernetes/manifests.

A simple way to get kubelet to re-read those manifests and restart kube-proxy if required is to restart kubelet. E.g. if you are using systemd:

systemctl restart kubelet

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