Installing AIDE needs to follow by a init proces.

- installed

Now the following commands need to run only once:
/usr/sbin/aide --config=/etc/aide.conf --init
mv -f /var/lib/aide/aide.db.new.gz /var/lib/aide/aide.db.gz

How to manage this in a state file?


I usually do something like this:

run aide once after installation:
    - name: usr/sbin/aide --config=/etc/aide.conf --init mv -f /var/lib/aide/aide.db.new.gz /var/lib/aide/aide.db.gz
    - unless: test -e /var/lib/aide/aide.db.gz
    - require: aide

Untested, obviously, but you get the idea. The cmd.run state will only run if the command passed to the unless option returns a non-zero exit status.

cmd.run state documemtation

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