I'm working on a package for Synology DSM. I want to ask the user for some values during installation.

My WIZARD_UIFILES/install_uifile: (Just stolen from MariaDB for testing)

    "step_title": "Remove MariaDB databases",
    "items": [{
        "type": "multiselect",
        "desc": "Data will be permanently removed and cannot be recovered after the databases are deleted.",
        "subitems": [{
            "key": "pkgwizard_remove_database",
            "desc": "Remove MariaDB databases"

I then use /PkgCreate.py -p armada38x -S -c dev to build my package but when I use the Manual Install option in DSM and upload my spl via the browser, the wizard does not show my prompt. It does install but no prompt

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